244 West 11th Avenue                      Mission:  
Oshkosh, WI 54902                           *  We commit ourselves to educate and inspire all students to achieve
Phone: (920) 424-0165                           their full potential.
Fax: (920) 424-7583                           *  Our students will master challenging district standards and benchmarks
                                                               and develop creative and critical thinking abilities.
                                                                           *   We empower students to be lifelong learners and caring, responsible
                                                                                citizens of our global community.  

Future Dates:

Oct 3                        Fall Fundraiser Ends!

Oct. 3                       Picture Day!  8:00am

Oct. 3                       2nd Grade Field Trip to  Mosquito Hill, 8:30am—2:30pm

Oct 6                        PTO Meeting, 5:30pm Media Center

Oct 8                        Dental Screening,  8:15am

                                (You must return the purple sheets in order for your child to participate)

Oct. 8                      Early Release, 1:35pm

Oct. 14                    5th Grade Field Trip to Sullivan’s Wood    8:15am—1:30pm

Oct. 17                    PTO Movie Night, 6pm

Oct 21                     Family Night—Math Night       5:30—6:30pm

Oct 22                     Fundraiser Pick Up Day, 2:30 - 4:00pm

Oct 23                     2nd Grade Field Trip to Mercy Medical Center          12:15—2:15pm

Oct 24                     No School

Oct 29                     Early  Release, 1:35pm

Oct 30                     Picture Re-Take Day,  8:00am

Nov. 3                     PTO Meeting, 5:30pm, Media Center

Nov. 4                     End of 1st Quarter

Nov. 10                   No School

Nov. 12                   Parent Teacher Conferences,  3-4pm

Nov. 14                   Pajama Day

Nov. 14                   PTO Movie Night, 6:00pm

Nov 19                    Parent Teacher Conferences,  3-4pm

                                (Student Showcase in the Gym during Conferences)

Nov 20                    Parent Teacher Conferences,  4-7pm

                                (Student Showcase in the Gym during Conferences)

Nov. 21                  Parent Teacher Conferences, 7:30 - 11:00am

Nov. 21                  No School for Students

Nov. 27 - 28          No School - Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 1                    PTO Meeting, Media Center 5:30pm

Dec. 9                    Holiday Concert, 6:00pm at Alberta Kimball Auditorium (West High School)

Dec. 12                  Early Release, 1:35pm

Dec. 24 - Jan 4    Winter Break

Jan. 5                  PTO Meeting, Media Center, 5:30pm

Jan. 7                  Early Release, 1:35pm

Jan. 22                End of Semester

Jan. 23                No School for Students

Jan. 27                Family Night - Technology

Feb. 2                 PTO Meeting, Media Center, 5:30pm

Feb. 11               Early Release, 1:35pm

Feb. 12               Valentine's Dance, 2:45pm

Mar. 2                 PTO Meeting, Media Center, 5:30pm

Mar. 3                 Family Night, Dr. Suess Literacy

Mar. 9                 Opera For The Young Performance, 1:15pm

Mar. 9                 Parent Teacher Conferences, 4 - 7 pm

Mar. 11               Early Release, 1:35pm

Mar. 13               No School

                           (Snow make up day #1)

Mar. 27               End of 3rd Quarter

Apr. 3 - Apr. 12    Spring Break

Apr. 13                PTO Meeting, Media Center, 5:30pm

Apr. 17                Crazy Hair Day

Apr. 22                Early Release,1:35pm

Apr. 30                Family Night - Multicultural Fair

May 4                  PTO Meeting, Media Center, 5:30pm

May 13                Early Release, 1:35pm

May 22                No School

                            (Snow Day Make Up #2)

May 25                  No School, Memorial Day

June 1                    PTO Meeting, Media Center, 5:30pm

June 10                 Last Day of School